Our Story

Our Story

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Hi. We’re Liana and Tom. We met 12 years ago and like many couples, long-term travel was a dream we often talked about. We told each other about all the places we wanted to go and everything we wanted to see and do.

Then we got distracted by life. As the days, weeks, months, and years went by we fell into the daily grind. We focused on our careers, bought a condo, spent too much money, lived in debt, and our adventures were limited to weekends and our PTO. Before we knew it, 9 years went by and we still were no closer to the big adventure we dreamed about.

That was until the day we decided to do it.
The day we decided to get out of debt.
The day we decided to live on a budget.
The day we decided that if we could give up some of the things we didn’t need and focus on what was important to us, we could make our dream of travel become a reality.

A few years later we are beginning our adventure. We have a 7 month North American road trip (in Stan the Tan Van) mapped out and 3 months of international travel planned. After that? We’ll see where the road takes us.

This blog is about the adventure we are taking and the life we have chosen to live. It is also about the journey of how we were able to make our dreams a reality. Our goal is to inspire and help others that are interested in a life of travel and to share our experiences and tips.

When You Wander there are only possibilities.